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Ventura Wins Ferretti Group Sales Award

Wed 24 September 2014

Ventura UK's sales grew 28% over the past 12 months, following a 16% increase in the previous year. Ventura UK won the award against competition from the entire worldwide Ferretti Group dealer network. The Ventura Group provides an international sales and after-sales service across Europe and the Western Mediterranean through its offices in London, Marbella, Mallorca and Barcelona, with support from the Ferretti Group giving worldwide coverage. Many of Ventura UK's customers are British, but the company's London location, and its links to Spain and the Mediterranean through the group's other offices, attract clients of many different nationalities with connections in London.

Head of Ventura UK, Michael Newton-Woof, is in no doubt about the importance of their London base: "Around half of our London clients are British, but the nationality of the other 50% is increasingly diverse, ranging from Russia and Scandinavia to central and southern Europe as well as from across the Atlantic. What they have in common is that generally have a home in the UK, and that they use their boat in the Western Mediterranean. So we are well placed to serve their needs in the Med, as well as providing a convenient UK point of contact."

The range of Ferretti Group boats sold by Ventura covers over 50 different models, ranging in price from around £400,000 to over £30m. The latest additions to the fleet launched at Cannes were the Ferretti Yachts 650, Pershing 70 and Ferretti Navetta 28.


 Michael Newton-Woof
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