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The Roundabout Dedicated to Riva has been Inaugurated

Fri 25 July 2014

July 23rd 2014 - Sarnico dedicated an everlasting homage to Riva, which visitors will see when travelling to the Italian municipality located on Lake Iseo. The roundabout along Via Predore now displays a 1:1 scale Artisan hull, Riva's flagship pleasure boat in the 1950's and 1960's. The same street also houses the Riva shipyard.

George Bertazzoli, Sarnico's Mayor, took part in the inauguration together with other representatives from the surrounding community including local authorities, the executives of the Ferretti Group (the brand to which Riva belongs), and Carlo Riva, who personally supported the initiative.

'This roundabout is the symbol of the connection between Riva and the territory, which dates back more than 170 years ago. I am proud for having paid my personal contribution to this relationship, together with my many collaborators. Just like the Ariston is the symbol of Riva's wood production perfection to me, I think that this monument perfectly celebrates the union between the company and the territory.'

- Carlo Riva

Ferretti Group made its cutting edge technologies available for the creation of the monument. The Models and Moulds department, at the shipyard in Forli, traced all of the points of the craft through laser scanning then transferred the data onto computers. A first 1:1 scale was then created, perfectly matching the original wooden hull of the original.

'(the new roundabout is) an actual sign of the interest of Ferretti Group, and of the shareholders of Weichai Group in particular, to celebrate the prestige of the brand Riva and its connection with the territory. The timeless beauty of the Ariston will last along the years, witnessing the passion and the talent of all the people who contributed to the creation of a legendary craft and brand.'

- Alberto Galassi, Ferretti Group CEO

The roundabout and its monument further enhance the strong connection between Riva, Sarnico and the Sebino area -- the territory where this story of pleasure boating excellence began. The success of the Riva brand is closely connected to the development of many local companies that supply the shipyard, working in several different sectors, from steel furniture to tapestry. This roundabout is the timeless witness of all these sectors which have linked their business to the history and success of Riva.

'It is an honour for me and for Sarnico paying homage to Riva as a caompany and as a group of people who made our town famous all over the world, giving working opportunities to the craftmans companies, which have been working in close connection with the shipyard and giving their relevent contribution to local economic development.'

-Giorgio Bertazzoli, Mayor of Sarnico


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